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With farms on both sides of the equator, we can deliver the tastiest blueberries throughout the year. Find out more about our facilities.

About 400 km south of Santiago lies the city of Chillán. This is where our Chilean farms are located. With mild winters and dry, warm summers, the best months to harvest our berries are from December to March. Over the last years, we have started growing many new varieties to meet evolving consumer demand.

Welcome to Piura, a coastal region in north-western Peru ‘where the summer never ends’. This is the home of all our Peruvian farms, where we harvest berries six months a year: from July to February. In 2021, we initiated the expansion of our production facilities with two new projects: Piuria II and Piura III. The increased production will allow Carsol to serve more retailers in North America, Europe and Asia. Carsol Peru is a joint venture between Carsol and JRM SAC.

Nurtured by the Atlantic sun, blueberries grow naturally in Portugal. The production in Portugal consists of two farms in the Southern part of the country: one in Odemira (Southern part of the country) and the other one in Montalvo (50km South of Lisbon). The farms deliver berries from February to October. In Portugal we’re cooperating with our partner Logofruits.

Just south of the Port of Rotterdam, lies Nieuw Reijerwaard: Europe’s most sustainable business park for agricultural and fresh food logistics. Mid 2022 this brand-new facility is the new home of Carsol Europe, offering plenty of space for both our commercial and operational activities.